This site, created in 1998, provides photos, lyrics, discographies, and other information on the UK punk rock bands that existed from 1980-1984. This site popularized the term "UK82" (taken from an Exploited song), but was never meant to define a genre. Bands of this period did not consider themselves to be "UK82" - they were simply the punk rock bands of this time and place, who happened to play punk rock music that was raw, simple, and pure. (So, basically, its a term that's been retro-actively applied to those bands.)

This site does not include all bands from that era, not through deliberate omission, but due to a lack of content (and time to format and post it). The site admin doesn't intend this to be an exhaustive catalog of all of these bands. This site was created simply a "fan site".

The site was originally hosted on Geocities, and the current domain name was registered a bit later.

You can contact the site admin via this shitty contact form.


September 21, 2021:

Added a new page for the band Acid Attack, which includes an article on the band from a fanzine written in the early eighties.

I removed the video for Untermensch from Youtube, at their request, and the UK82 Mixtape (Tape 4 Side B) which included their track. (One of the members contacted me last year and gave his consent, but I was asked to remove it today, so I have done so.) I will re-edit Mixtape 4B to remove their track, and will re-upload it to Youtube.

You can listen to the other UK82 Mixtapes here.

September 1, 2021:

Well, the site is really showing its age. Thinking about redesigning it to be mobile-friendly, and perhaps somehow allowing users to submit content.

When this site was first created, there was no information about most of these bands on the internet. Things have changed, and there's content all over the internet now. It would be nice to have a way to aggregate all of that content in one place, don't you think? (I do.)

Do you have ideas for the site that I should consider when I redesign it? Let me know!

While we are on the subject of this here little web site... Have you ever seen the interactive globe showing all of the traffic this site gets from each country? You can check it out here.




band photo: public disgrace

demolition blues photo