This site, created in 1998, provides photos, lyrics, discographies, and other information on the UK punk rock bands that existed from 1980-1984. This site popularized the term "UK82" (taken from an Exploited song), but was never meant to define a genre. Bands of this period did not consider themselves to be "UK82" - they were simply the punk rock bands of this time and place, who happened to play punk rock music that was raw, simple, and pure.

This site does not include all bands from that era, not through deliberate omission, but due to a lack of content (and time to format and post it). If you want to help this site, please view the want list page for content that I'd like to add to the site.


January 5th, 2015:

Want to talk about things UK82? Try the UK82 subreddit. I'm now the moderator there.

January 3, 2015:

The Deceased

Deceased page added.
(Thank you, Rob Podmore!)

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band photo: public disgrace

demolition blues photo