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It all kicked off in 1980 when Nick (Bass) and Rat (Guitar) teamed up with Eddie (Vocals) and Mike (Drums). We called ourselves Intensified Chaos. There's no-where to play locally, so we went DIY and organised our own gigs.

By 81 the back-bone of our set was formed. We record demos. The gigs get bigger and better: We play SKUNX & the 100 Club. We support Blitz, Vice Squad, Peter & The Test Tube Babies. Along the way there's a brief vocalist change. In 83 "Waste Away" gets placed on the "Wet Dreams" punk complilation album under our new name: Breakout. Alan joins as a second drummer.

Late 83 there are some line-up changes. In 84 it ends.

(The band reformed in 2018 and is active again.)


It's no fun being young on the dole today
With the recession getting worse
so they fucking say
Dejected generation with nothing left to do
Is this really the life for me and you?

No jobs for your to do - 1982

Join a government training scheme
Feeling small, shovelling shit
Is this really the future?
The government says it is
But it's just slave labour
For twenty-three fifty a week
And all that goes on booze
And the old girl's keep

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Unite and Fight

Walking down a back street
Black meets a white
Let's have a bit of trouble
Do you want to fight?
Someone shouts in anger
Someone pulls a knife
A body drops to the floor
Another wasted life

Skins and punks unite and fight
No matter whether you're black or white

What's the point in fighting
We're all the fucking same
Fight the bloody government
They're the ones to blame
Fight the system
Fighting the rich
Forget about the N.F.
Forget the Anti-Nazi League

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Waste Away

Skinhead on the dole with nothing to do
An ordinary kid like me and you
He had no job, his life was wasting away
Waiting for the weekend - everyday

Waste away. Wasting away.
Waste away. Can't face another day.

He wanted a future
Wanted a job of any sort
But because he had short hair
They called him a yob
Tried and he tried; couldn't get anywhere
Because of his appearance
I'd call that unfair

Angered, frustrated, he turned to crime
Got nicked in the process
Now he's doing time
Behind closed doors, his life is wasting away
Got nothing to live for
Can't face another day

Waste away.. Waste away.. Waste Away..

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Discography 1980-1989


Wet Dreams compilation on Rot Records with Breakout

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Breakout at Sewers Hall


Breakout (aka Intensified Chaos)