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Hey You

They try and tell you want to do
What's your name and what's your number
Lock you up, put you down
They don't like the young sound

Hey you, what you gonna do
When they tell you what to do? Hey you!

They're only looking for the few
Oh, all the same, I hate their games
Stupid fuckers have got no brains
All plain faces, so insane

Tribal Warfare

My hair is pink and blue
My head is shaven too
I like to take my speed
I like to sniff my glue
I like to wear my uniform
I'm always happy to conform
I'm what you can describe
As a member of a tribe

Gangland warfare, violent hate
Dress different and you'll be bait
Get booted, forget your name
Mindless morons causing pain
Beaten up for someone's game
Stupid cunts with one cell brains
It's a vicious circle with a sting
Tribal warfare solves nothing

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What's on next?

What's on next, not another repeat
Turn the telly over and watch coronation street
Now a new series in 12 episodes
After the news we'll watch crossroads

BBC, ITV, it's all the same to me
What are they trying to be

Maggie Thatcher, hate her smile
Think I'll watch Emmerdale Farm
Match of the day features the blues
Angela Rippon on the 9 o'clock news.

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Action Man

Die for the queen and be a bore
Die for the queen and fight a war
Be a hero nobody will ignore
Be a hero, die for a whore

Action man, number 184
Ready for action in your army decor
Action soldier, action man
Ready for action, 'cos we're in command

God, queen, and country is all you know
Politicians tell you where to go
Taking orders is all you do
You ain't human, you're just a tool

Travel around the world and see some wars
Camoflaged hardware are out laws
Politicians tell us its allright
Travel the world and start some fights

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