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No Room For You

Well we don't go there any more
It's boarded up, the doors are closed
But do you remember those weekend nights
When everything was alright

Ran by youth, somewhere to go
To meet all your mates, everyone you know
And all the groups you wanted to see
It was something very special for me

And do you know the reason
Why it all fell through
They got no room for you at all
And do you know the reason
Why it all fell through for you
They got no room for you

Well I could be talking about somewhere else
Sounds around it's all the same
What the kids want don't matter one bit
It's something to you, they'll treat you like it

Well it's all over you've killed the fun
Don't try and tell me your the caring ones
Well it's all over if you wanna know
You don't give a damn and we already know


They don't care how they catch you
They will nick you for sod all
No sympathy from that lot
That's all you get from the law

Just because your so different
You may well be right
But the only way that your gonna get through
Is when you stand up and fight

They will put you in a police car
For something you thought was fun
But the only reason they ever nick you
Is to get promotion

I'm Anti-Police

Teenage Adolescence

See them people standing there
They don't really sodding care
They don't care what you say
They live their lives from day to day

Half past four you'll hear no more
Your day's been a total bore
On your bike you cycle home
And all night long the streets you roam

Your local copper he's called screw
He always knows what your up to
You can't muck about or chuck a brick
Or else he'll have you in the nick

Teenage adolescence is you
Adolescence is you

New Breed

We are the new breed and we don't care
We got the boots, but no spiky hair
You never see us go out at night
You never see us run away from a fight

We're the new breed and we don't care
We're the new breed and we fight anywhere

New Breed New Breed

You thought Saturday night was the end
And then it would all change
You didn't know about us
How we would start it again

And now we're on the move
And you can't stop the force
The people who stand in the way
We won't take it anymore

Your life is for you
So live it how you can
If you're doing what you want
Then you're a better man

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From Gloucester, England.

The band's line-up went through extensive changes through it's original existence. Terry Elcock (guitar), John Melfah (drums) seemed to be the most consistent members, throughout. From 1978-80, the line-up also included Mike Howes (vocals) and Andy Kanonik (vocals), Tony Wakefield (bass), and Chris Rush (guitar). From 1980-83, it was Mark "Miff" Smith (vocals), along with Terry, John, and a number of different bass players: Paul Price, Barry Philips, Andy Jones.