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The History Of Last Rites 1982-1985

The Rites were formed by Drew Jackson January 1982 as the Treblinka Babies. He formed the band with Eddie McGuigan on drums, John Simpson vocals and Drewon bass. In need of a guitarist Drew asked Alan Currie a mate from college to join the band. Alan was happy to do this if the band name could be changed, no problem for Drew as he was already thinking of changing the name to Last Rites. That was good enough for Alan so Last Rites were born.

This line-up played several gigs together (truth be told several songs together as almost as soon as the gig began the police would crash the gig and pull the plugs). The band at this time really only played covers the usual Pistols, Damned, etc.. Although they did have an early version of "Kill The Police", more of a chant than a song at that time.

Things were about to change very quickly for the band. John decided to leave the band he was replaced by Paul 'Harvey' McGurn, a mate of Drew and Eddie's. An extra guitarist, Tony Wilson, was brought in. This line-up was together for a good few months, gigging and recording the "Protest and Survive" 1982 cassette only album: 10 songs all new and original, plus a bonus track cover of "Anarchy In The UK".

Just after the release of this album, Drew decided to leave the band, wanting to play a more gothic punk style, and forms "Finding Faust". He's replaced by Alex Fitzpatrick, a good mate of Alan's, but after only one rehearsal, Eddie decides he wants out as does Tony. The same week Flicknife Records contact the band with a view to recording a single.

1983: The band, in need of a drummer, turn to session man Stevie Gray to play on the 2 tracks for the single. "We Don't Care" and "Stepdown" are chosen by Flicknife. T he Rites wanted "All Walls Have Ears". Flicknife said no to that.

The band still needed a drummer a chance meeting at the Talisman pub in Springburn Glasgow, between Alan and the sister of an old mate who he'd lost contact from for a couple years. Enter Jim Mitchell on drums: now the classic line-up was in place.

The band are turned down by Clay Records.

Next up is a live studio demo. The guys go to Berkeley Street Studios at midnight and play through the night. T his is late 1983. Henry McMillan, who produced the Flicknife Single, runs the tapes from the control room. The band play all their material, old & new. This recording along with "We Don't Care" is sent to Rough Trade Records. A couple of weeks later, a phone call from Alan McGee at Essential Records, licenced through Rough Trade, offer to release any new material from the band.

1984: The first release is gonna be a E.P. ‘Fascism Means War’ (No Right To Take, Protest And Survive, The Dreams Of Many And Oi Oi Oi) are chosen as the songs for the recording but just before recording started Stuart Boyle a mate of Paul’s shows Alan some lyrics he’s written Alan writes some music adds a chorus and Convicted Without Trial replaces Oi Oi Oi on the E.P.

By now most of the songs on "Protest and Survive" have been revamped and the band are ready to record an album. "This Is The Reaction" will be the title containing 14 tracks. Once again, the band use Berkeley Street Studios.

Gigs were played and new material was written for an EP and a album. The EP would be titled "Billy Sloan" (A scottish DJ who knew the band but would not play any tracks or review in his press column). Also on the EP would be "War", "Oi Oi Oi", and "Propaganda Lies". Several other songs were recorded as demos for "The Big Boots" album. All the recordings were lost before release due to some personal problems for Mr. McGee. Only one tape survived (where or with who, no-one knows). Pity as these sessions were the finest the band had laid down. The masters were lost somewhere in Boston. Also lost are the "Protest And Survive" demos. Might be a cassette somewhere still intact, but the masters have gone, so too the live demo.

1985: Jim decided to leave the band after a great gig at the Kelvin Centre Glasgow. Also on the bill that night were The Subhumans. Pandy Anderson replaced Jim for gigs at the Star Club and Carlton Halls, then Pandy had to leave for a spell in the big house, at the Queen's invitation. Davie Lyle replaced him for the Rot Records Comp album "A Kick Up The Arse". "Addict" and "Oi Oi Oi" (different version) were recorded in Glasgow at Centre City Studios. Ian ‘Gripper’ Smith also joined the band as an extra guitarist and played on "Oi Oi Oi". He left the band soon after. Last Rites recorded one more song for the 1985 "No Visible Scars" Comp EP: "Scarred For Life", written by Alan and Craig Ireland of The Refugees (whose drummer was Jim Mitchell). The band split soon after this.

Only Paul is active now with his band the Disturbed.


Drew Jackson: Bass (1982)
John Simpson: Vocals (1982)
Eddie McGuigan: Drums (1982)
Alan Currie: Guitar (1982-1985)
Paul McGurn: Vocals (1982-1985)
Tony Wilson: Guitar (1982)
Alex Fitzpatrick: Bass (1982-1985)
Jim Mitchell: Drums (1983-1985)
Pandy Anderson: Drums (1985)
Davie Lyle: Drums (1985)
Ian Smith: Guitar (1985)

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"We Don't Care"

Kids are fighting on the streets
But we ain't none of them
Knives and guns and petrol bombs
Are the weapons that they use today

There's people dying everywhere
But no one gives a damn
No one really cares
Kids are fighting on the streets
But they aren't going to change a thing

We don't care. We don't care.
We don't care. We don't care.

Zips and studs and leather gear
You're trying to make a point
And just because you dye your hair
It doesn't make you a punk

You can jump and scream and yell and shout
But the state of your mind is what it's all about
Zips and studs and leather gear
You ain't gonna change a thing

You can hang about and sniff your glue
You can't fool me but you can fool you
You can smoke and you can drink
But just stop for a minute and start to think

What this stuff is doing to you
Don't be one of them, just be you
You can hang about and sniff your glue
But that won't change a thing

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We're tired of being victims of bored police
And being told what we should and shouldn't do
Now if we've to have any standing at all
Then we've got to say goodbye to you

What we want is a state of lawlessness here
Better known throughout the world as anarchy
There's got to be a way, it'll come someday
When we get you all to stepdown, stepdown

This system lies, this system lies
This system lies to everyone
This system lies, this system lies
This system lies to me, to you
This system lies

Three million on the dole, it's still going up
You promise so much, but we still see nothing new
Now if we have to have any standing at all
Then we've got to say goodbye to you

You disagree with any points we make
But to you, that is the only way
We'll try to find a way to beat your kind
And we'll get you all to stepdown

Stepdown Mrs. T
Stepdown Tory Cabinet

Last Rites band photo
Last Rites band photo
Last Rites band photo
Last Rites: Protest and Survive
Last Rites band photo


Last Rites we don't care
Last Rites this is the reaction
Last Rites fascism means war

Last Rites band photo
Last Rites band photo
Last Rites band photo
Last Rites band photo
Last Rites band photo
Last Rites band photo
Last Rites band photo
Last Rites band photo


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