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From Bridgend, Wales. 1978-1984.

First line-up (1978-1979): Phil (vocals), Spike (guitar/vocals), Andy (guitar), Savage (bass), Shark (drums).

Second line-up (1979-1983): Spike (vocals), Andy (guitar), Louise (bass), Shark (drums).

Third line-up (1983-1984): Spike (vocals), Andy (guitar), Dave (bass), Shark (drums).

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Bastards in Blue

They came down the street in their panda car
And we spent the night behind the bars.
2 A.M. walking home
And now I am sleeping in a cell all alone
Flash their lights, sling their truncheons
Waiting for the guy that may sell drugs
It ain't safe to walk the streets
Its just the sound of their size 12 feet

Here they come
Bearing down
Gonna run you out of town
Pick on you for the clothes you wear
Pick on you for the colour of your hair

But some of these cunts are OK to me.
Cos some of these cunts can really see
We speak the truth. Don't they understand?
One of these days we'll rule the land.
Don't trust people who I don't know
Especially cops who speak too slow.
They're all mentally retarded heads
And pretty soon I hope they'll all be dead.

Andy Lealand of the Partisans Rob 'Spike' Harrington of the Partisans

The Partisans

There's politicians in the USA
There's politicians in Russia
The only thing that they got in common
And that's the quest for more power

But we don't care what happens on that final day
And we don't care if there's no future
Cos all we want to do is join the likes of you
And form the Partisans
To gain some real power.

You shouldn't work for their words or rules.
Enjoy the dole. Its more fun!
Just cause some problems and enjoy yourself.
That way, you'll never need no guns.

Cos we're the Partisans
We're fighting for our rights.
We're the Partisans
Fighting for our freedom.
We're the Partisans
Oppose all wars.
We're the Partisans
So join the cause.

You're just the kids
And you're off the streets
You're all the same, so face the facts.
Just cause some problems and enjoy yourself
Until you make an attack.

Mark 'Shark' Harris of the Partisans Louise Wright of the Partisans

No U-Turns

Why do we have to put up
With all this crap they give to us
The government control, and they dictate
But still the country's in a terrible state.

They bleed us dry for all we've got
Ask for more, but that's not
The way it should be
Cos this should be a free country

There's no U-turns, now Maggie's in.
More unemployment as the weeks go by.
But that's not so in Number 10.
There's no U-turns. They're bleeding us dry.

They bicker, they fight,
They act like kids
Those MPs who represent us
They're the voice, the voice of the nation
But who wants nuclear contamination?

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Killing Machine

I signed on the line
And threw away my life.
They gave me a gun.
They gave me a knife.
They taught me how to kill
And they taught me how to hate.

Killing people I don't even know.
I was trained to give them a fatal blow.
Just take orders. I don't ask.
Just carry out my savage task.
The killing machine can sort your fate
Get out of my way before its too late

Partisans band photo

Partisans band photo



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Louise Wright of the Partisans

Partisans band photo

Partisans band photo

Andy Lealand of the Partisans