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(from Blown to Bits #3)

BTB: What do you think of USA punk?

Lorraine: Well, some of it is good, like the Dead Kennedys. But some of it seems a bit bad. But its just like any other country - they have good and bad groups.

BTB: What did you think of Hitler?

Lorraine: I can't really see what this has to do with our group or the kind of music. My views are Hitler was an insane monster, and anybody who thinks its clever to sieg heil etc is a fool.

BTB: What do you think of blood sports (hunting)?

Lorraine: I am totally against any kind of pain or ill treatment to any animal. Blood sports are just massacres for the pleasure of people who like to cause pain to an innocent animal just for the fun of it.

BTB: What do you think of women's rights?

Lorraine: Well I'm not quite sure what you mean in this question. Of course, being female, I feel we should have every right there is.

BTB: Would you go in Smash Hits?

Lorraine: Yes, I would go in Smash Hits. Just think how many people would hear of you. Also, many more people would buy the records.

BTB: Who do you think will start a nuclear war first?

Lorraine: I haven't any idea.

BTB: What do you think of Arthur Scargill?

Lorraine: I don't like him. He always seems to be causing trouble. He's a big mouth.

BTB: What do you think of the woman at Greenham Common?

Lorraine: Well, they have great ideas, etc, and what they stand for is good. But its a lost cause as far as I can see. I mean, look how long they've been there. Already they haven't stopped anything, have they?

BTB: Do you think you should be hung for murder?

Lorraine: I don't think I can really answer this one, as it depends on the circumstances. I think people should suffer. After all, what about all the people that are killed by terrorists? Doesn't that count? Its different if it happens to somebody else, but what if it happened to you or someone you knew. Then its different. You'd want them to hang if you had your legs blown off or something.

(from Guilty without Trial #3)

GWT: Are you pleased with the single?

PM: Yes, we are pleased with the way we played on the single, but we know the mix could have been better. But it was all done in one day, so its not too bad. Most bands spend at least 2 days. We couldn't afford it.

GWT: Has it got good distribution?

PM: Its distributed by Red Rhino and the Cartel, which are good distributors (plug, plug).

GWT: Will copies be going abroad?

PM: Well, we have sold some abroad, ourselves, but as far as going into shops - only if there are orders.

GWT: What do you think foreign punks will think to you, seeing as they're into thrash?

PM: I hope that they like us. Some of our songs are quite fast considering there's a female singer. I've never heard a really fast band with a female singer. We've had letters from all over the world. Its good that people from, say, New Zealand, take the time to write.

GWT: Do you think the EP is satisfactory for a band thats been going three years?

PM: No, we'd have liked to have done a lot more, but we have tried, and we should have had an EP out on Beat the System last year. Also, we've had a few problems, i.e. drummers.

GWT: Do you think you'd have made it quicker if you lived in London?

PM: Yes, I think we would, with all the big bands playing London. We'd have got more support slots. I don't think there could be a worse place for punk bands than Skeg.

GWT: Are you touring to promote the EP?

PM: We are trying to get as many gigs as poss. We are open to offers from anybody. We hope to play some gigs in Holland at the end of the year.

GWT: Do you think fanzine coverage will help sell the single?

PM: Yes, I do. If it wasn't for the fanzines, 1/2 the people who have heard of us would not have. Fanzines help small bands ever such alot. Thanx to all you zine writiers.

GWT: Is the deal for 1 single, or is there more to come?

PM: Well, it was just for one EP. It depends on how it sells. If it goes well, maybe more.

GWT: Has having an EP out made it easier for you to get gigs?

PM: Yes, it does help when you say you have a record out. I hope that because of this, we will be able to play more gigs than before.

GWT: Do you think your EP would sell more if it was on a strictly punk label?

PM: I don't think it makes that much difference. If people see the record, they will know that it is a punk record. If they like it, they are gonna get it on any label.

GWT: Do you think anybody goes to your gigs just to look at you, Lorraine? Have you had abuse from the crowd before?

PM: No, I don't think anybody comes to see me. They just come cos they want to see a band and enjoy the music. No, I have never had any abuse.

GWT: Would you describe your music as thrash?

PM: No, I wouldn't. A lot of our songs are fast, but not thrash.

GWT: Who are your influence? Who do you listen to?

PM: We are not really influenced by anyone. We all like different things. I listen to Conflict, Sioux, Penetration, Xmal Deutchland, Subhumans, old punk. Martin likes Disorder, Varukers, Discharge, Swedish hardcore. Chris likes Broken Bones, Subhumans. Mick likes Vice Squad, English Dogs. We all like different things.

GWT: Do you get gigs yourself, or through an agency?

PM: At the moment, we just get gigs ourselves. But we hope to get an agency soon.

GWT: What are your future plans?

PM: To do as many gigs as poss, and to get another record out.

GWT: Anything else to say?

PM: Just thanx for taking the time to write to us, and for putting us in your fanzine. Thanx to everyone else who has helped us..Lorraine


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Post Mortem formed in September of 1980. They were originally known as "Interference", and were from Skegness, Lincolnshire.

Band members were Lorraine Carter (vocals), Mick Bailey (drums), Christopher Gask (bass), Martin Locke (drums).

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