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From Nottingham, England. Existed 1981-1984. Members in 1981: Shelley (vocals), Jar (vocals), Jono (drums), Gig (guitar), Cookie (bass).

'Social Scum'

There's no future in our lifes
We're as common as shit and we're all deprived
People only want to look and stare
Cause we do the things they never dare

Social scum and we're put down
We don't wanna live in your fucking town
They are always telling us what to do
You're the fucking adults, and we hate you

We want anarchy - that's why we're born
Sod the government - same to the law
Behind their backs they never see
What's happening in the world today

See the pigs march up and down
They just want to push us around
They're all bastards, can't you see
They wanna rule the lives of you and me

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'Heroin Girls'

Don't take non of your junkie shit
Why should I get hit?
Kill your mind
See your brain washes down the drain
Sold your soul for the dole
Let it pump down to your soul
One shot more and you're in hell Heroin girls, let your mind go
Heroin girls, have you got enough dough
To make the last trip?
Or are you really sick?

If you had a knife
Would you take my life?
The world's a spinning top
Stop, I wanna get off
Will you live to 21?
Or as that fix really gone?

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'Nuclear Fallout'

Will they enlist a children's army
When the time is right for them
Made up of school leavers and the unemloyed
Nuclear fallout once again

How the hell do we protect ourselves
Against the threat of nuclear war
Why should we be blown to fucking bits
We want work, not fucking war

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'Anarchy in Yourself'

Listen now to what I say
The revolution starts today
If you've got the state of mind
We'll leave this fucking state behind

Resistance of another kind
Anarchy's just a state of mind
It's in yourself

Now it's up to you and me
The underground society
It's time to change the way we live
Your life's your own, not theirs to give

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'Glue Kills'

Got mine in a plastic bag
Same old game, such a drag
Evo smears on your face
Just another helpless case

You have been warned
Glue kills

Started sniffing just for fun
Can't stop now, what have you done?
Lost my home, girl, and friends
Is this the start of the end?

Started just 2 months ago
Nearly time for you to go
Time is ticking in your head
Not long now before you're dead

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