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From London, England. Members were Gerry (vocals), Moggy (guitar), Dave (drums), Budgie (bass), Eliza (bass). The band existed from 1982-1985.

(Info below from Gerry of the Syphletix)

The band was formed and based in London. Moggy was originally from Sheffield but everyone else was from London. I wrote all the lyrics and the music was mostly Moggy and Budgie with everyone chipping in with ideas in rehearsals.

My personal favourite gig was at the Green Man (in Stratford) with Hagar the Womb and the Subhumans. Because it was sold out, and even going on first, we got a great reaction, and it was clear that quite a few people there knew of us already.

'Heroes' was probably my favourite song, but I pretty much liked them all. '3 Million' was the first song we wrote and one of the few early songs we were still playing at the end.

'Night Of Hate'

Sitting in a corner having a drink
Having a chat and having a think
These blokes walked in seven feet tall
We don't look right we've broken their rule
We haven't got the right coloured hair
But they're not the sort who just sit and stare
We finish our drinks and we sit and wait
As this night of fun turns into a night of hate

Outside in the street the atmosphere's tight
They're following us looking for a fight
The glasses smash, the blood begins to pour
But they're not content, they still want more
Knife blade flashes bright in street light
Slashing up everything in sight
Is this the only amusement they can find?
I think there must be something wrong with their minds

The street grows quiet, there isn't a sound
Bodies are scattered all around
These people are sick, they must be ill
It's violence and hate that motivates their will

'Wasted Lives'

From the age of 16 you give 'em all you've got
Slaving your guts out, working round the clock
But when you get to 65 they don't wanna know you
You cost 'em too much money they just want rid of you
They bung you in the worst housing way up in the sky
Lift's always out of order, won't be long before you die

One less pension to worry about
One less mouth to feed
More money to spend on guns and bombs
To satisfy their greed

All the money they spend on arms could set you up for life
But they don't think about you, your suffering and your strife
It's OK for them, in old age they'll be a lord
They won't have to live in all the suffering they cause

'Abortion Or Suicide?'

Sitting all alone and he don't know what to do
She phoned him up this morning with some pretty bad news
She'd been to the doctor's for the results of her test
But what hurt most was what she said next

Kill that baby
Destroy that life
It's either that
Or take me for your wife

He's got a wife and kid already, they're at home
Totally unaware of what's been going on
He hates himself, he can't face anyone
So he picked up his razor and this is what he done

Kill that baby
Or take me for your wife
He couldn't do either
So he took his own life

Abortion or suicide?


There are no heroes,
There never will be.
No one seems heroic to me.

There is nothing anyone can do
That I couldn't if I wanted to.

Having heroes is a sign
That you're putting yourself second in line.

Hero worship should be a crime.
People need heroes - That's a fucking lie.

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Syphletix - It's time to see who's ripped off who.

Syphletix - Gerry and Dave

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