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Underground Army

Gangs from the suburbs
In the Underground
They're punching and kicking
Everybody around
Don't give me
None of your two faced shit Don't agitate me
'Cause this is it
They'll do anything
To see what they can find
As long as it ends up leaving
Some poor bastard blind
You kick him in the guts and leave him
Lying on the streets
Then stab them in the back
when they turn on the heat

Oh we're the underground army
Tell me what you want to see
We're the underground army
Just be what you want to be
We're the underground army
And do what you want to do
We're the underground army
And no one cares about you

They roam the streets
Late at night
All they want to do
Is destroy and fight
They don't care
what goes on
They'll do anything
As long as it's wrong

When you go out
Don't go alone
You'll end up
Under a tombstone Fighting out of desperation
Leads to more aggravation

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Go to Hell

First time we met you were a kid of 14
Turned yourself into ruins by 18
Not the accepted way to earn some cash
You had to hide yourself behind a mask

Let's see what you have for sale now
Nothing left so your bound to fail now
Show me what you have to sell
There's nothing left you can find now
Just wasted blow your mind now
It's no use just go to hell!

The youth today is the voice of tomorrow
Their words and cries are chants of nothing but sorrow
You made your name on nothing but sweat blood and tears
Now only threats made you change your ideas

It's your hell

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Threats - Politicians and Ministers 7 inch EP Threats = Go to Hell 7 inch EP


Takin over it becomes an addiction
That will catch you unaware
Don't look now your lifes in a real mess
Don't you wonder why they all stare
Wandering round you're in a daze
And you just don't know where to go
So smashed up I can't believe it
You just wanna make me throw

You're so high
You can't think straight
Got no feelings
Can't love or hate

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Wish I could stay
But I've nothing left to say
So what's the use in that
Let's go see a film
Lets see people squirm
But what's the point in that
You think you've grasped the kern
But one day you might learn
That there's no use in that
You think you've got it all
But one day you might know
That there's no use in that

Pacivity... is killing me


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