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'No War No More'

There's a war in the nation, contamination
War can never be won
There's people dying of radiation
The world war has just begun

Then the war is over, no war no more

Have you seen the soldier on the TV screen
Big and tough, know what I mean?
We didn't ask for this stupid war
And we don't want the war no more

We didn't ask for this stupid war
We don't want no part in their game
We don't want their nuclear power
Hiroshima all over again

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'Have a Good Laugh'

Take a look around the world, what do you see?
People making rules, they're not for me.
Don't realize the jokes on them,
Making stupid rules again and again.

Have a good laugh, politician.
Have a good laugh, D.H.S.S.
Have a good laugh, ha ha ha
Have a good laugh, 'cos the joke's on you.

I won't be tied down, I'll make a stand.
Fight against wrong with you (?)
I wanna live my life the way I please.
I just wanna make a better life for me.


(from Have a Good Laugh #7)

HAGL: What's this trouble with the Warploys I've been hearing about?

Stu: There's not trouble as such, but the Warploys have been rather childish, telling people that we sent skins to their gig and "killed" 3 of their mates, and put the guitarist in the hospital, which is ridiculous. I don't really know what we've done to annoy them, but I'd luv to find out (so please write and tell me).

HAGL: Don't you wish that the first LP had been recorded live, as your studio offerings are comparatively weak?

Stu: We think our studio recordings are alright. They're getting better all the time, but I wouldn't mind doing a live LP or EP.

HAGL: I heard you had trouble at a gig in Durham. How did it start, and how did you deal with it?

Stu: Do you mean Darlington? Well, we played really good, but there was tension in the place because the skins and trendies had come to get us, and at the end, before our last song, someone shouted "Get off the fuckin stage", and I thought it was one of our mates and said "Come and make me", so about 30 of them did, and a fight broke out on stage. Then afterwards, 5 of them jumped my mate in the bogs, and more fighting started outside, and the cops come, and Dave and Doyley got took to hospital, then we went home.

HAGL: Did you ever get the long-awaited royalties from "Beat the System"? Are "Volume" quick to pay up?

Stu: No, sadly we didn't, cos Barry Lights has fucked off to Canada. We don't know if Volume are better because we're not due any yet, but Don's been really good with t-shirts and badges, so we'll wait and see.

HAGL: Why did Goic leave, and how did you get the new drummer?

Stu: Goic left because he said he was sick with having no cash off BTS. We found Gav in a hole in a forest, carving drumsticks outta dead trees.

HAGL: Why haven't you played many gigs lately?

Stu: I don't know. It's depressing. They seem to be getting harder to get.

HAGL: Were you surprised that the Bear Pit was packed out when you played there with the Toy Dolls?

Stu: Not really, cos the Toy Dolls are really good. I was surprised we went down so well because of the rumours.

HAGL: What do you think of other "Volume" bands - Toy Dolls, Reality Control, Total Chaos, etc?

Stu: As above, the Toy Dolls are excellent, and I ain't heard Reality Control, and Total Chaos are good, too.

HAGL: Has the latest EP sold as well as previous releases, and was there a special reason for having it cut at 33rpm? Do you think it stands up to old classics like "Better Off Dead", etc?

Stu: The EP hasn't sold as well as expected, but it sold OK. I don't know exactly. It was cut at 33rpm to get the best sound, cos the best recommended time for a single is 3 minutes, and ours was longer, having 4 songs on it. But the next one's gonna be a 3 track, so we can get a really good sound on it. I think it's just as good, if not better than "Better Off Dead".

HAGL: Finally, have you many new songs, and is there a new record planned, yet?

Stu: Yes, we've got a few new songs: "The One and Only", "Till Victory", "Self Inflict", "The Time is Coming", and "Parasite". Hopefully, we should be recording one soon, but nowt definite's been said yet. Thanx alot to Gary, Jeff, Doyley, Goy, Horner, and Sharon.


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